Thursday, August 13, 2009

Georgia Days 3 & 4

Wednesday ~ I traveled all over to visit family and friends! I had a very enjoyable day. I don't care if I ever see the car again... LOL... I was in the car for shortly over 12 hours! The "babies" are cute there are 4 of them that range from 4 months to 3 years. They are cute! When I get home and get a picture site up, I will post a link to it. I have lots of pictures. In addition, I was able to visit the really good friends of ours that we miss tremendously! I also visited Phillip's brother Tom and his wife Marilyn... they are quite a pair! Love em, though! I visited his oldest brother, Des, however didn't get to see him as he had to work late, but I did visit with his wife and step brother. It was a long day and I was glad to get in the bed, I fell asleep immediately!

Thursday ~ (Today) This morning, I did almost nothing. I leisurely drank coffee, ate breakfast, worked on a few group guidelines for my Yahoo group, talked to Phillip and did laundry. I picked Pops up from work at 4 and after that we came home and waited on Kevin to get home. After he got home, we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, walked around Mall of Georgia and stopped at Cinnabon's for cinnamon rolls. When we got home, we had coffee and cinnamon rolls.

This brings me to present. I'm tired, I'm full and I need to get off my rear and go pack my bags. We leave in the morning for Mississippi, where my friend Laura will pick me up and I will be home in the evening! I will update again when I get home and have time!!! ~~Jenny

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My GA Vacation Days 1 & 2!!!

Just letting you all know that I'm in Georgia and enjoying myself. I do feel a little bit guilty that I left my hubby home and working. He and I are never ever apart and it's harder on us to be apart.

Yesterday, I spent 11 hours on the train... I thought I never would get to Atlanta! It was a nice ride. I read a little bit and wrote a letter and worked on a guideline or two but mostly, I looked out the window... not a ton to look at but trees and streams and such... a few neat little towns. My lunch on the train was the highlight of the train ride! Their special was a garden salad and Shrimp 'n' Grits. It was very good! Of course, that's a New Orlean's or southern dish, so I'm told, so it was full of flavor. I will be looking for a recipe for this and making it when I get home! Any of you have one?

Today was a nice day. We had breakfast at a neat little country restaurant called Papa Jack's. Of course, I had biscuits and gravy. We did some fabric shopping. I now know where I get my love of fabric from! Yep... Pop's has it bad too! I was told that he did, but didn't realize just how bad it was until he started pulling stuff out after our shopping trip! I only bought a few things here and there. Lunch was at Fudruckers... my favorite GA Burger place! It was great too. Somehow, I got suckered into cooking dinner but I did NOT do dishes! LOL!

Anyway... let me tell you about fabric... OMG do I have fabric! Pop's has cleaned out his stash and I'm on the receiving end of some really great stuff! I'm so excited! I have to go tomorrow and buy a big tote at WalMart to put all of it in! In addition to that, I have also inherited a Baby Lock. Talk about getting spoiled! I'm not going to know what to do with myself! He said that something is wrong with the tension on the machine but he never really fooled with it. I'm hoping that it's nothing major but whatever, I figure that it should be at least worth getting it fixed, right?

I hope that you all are having a nice week this far!!!


Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Less Than Two Hours...

Yesterday, I wanted to put together a quilt top for myself quickly! I bought Bandana's from Dollar Tree... they were sold in packages of 2... and whipped up a quick top. It's not perfect and I love it! What do you think? Here are a few more shots of it:

The Beach Bag that I Made

For the Beach Tote Swap, This is the Tote that I made and sent out. It included a beach towel, a drink holder, a personal fan, water balls, hair clips, a Fat Quarter, Sunblock and After Sun Lotion, a dolphin air freshner and a few post cards from the beaches that I visit most frequently as well as one from New Orleans and one that had the Sand Dollar Legend on it!

I'm very tempted to go buy the same fabrics to make myself one just like this one! I enjoyed making the bag very much!

Beach Tote Swap

In the Yahoo group (Quiltblockswappers) that I'm Co-Owner and Moderator of, we just finished up a Beach Tote Swap. It was a ton of fun!

This is the bag that I received from Julie. I love the bright colors! Inside the bag were post cards from Oregon beaches along with a travel guide, also there were Oregon made chocolates. She included fabric made for a local shop hop that she was attending. She also made a journal cover and a loyalty wallet to match! I love my bag and I'm ready to go to the beach with it! I'm sure that I will use it for other things too as it's really "me" and very very pretty! I couldn't have asked for a better bag! Thanks, Julie!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quiltblockswappers Yahoo Group!!

My newly found block swapping friend Zoe has created an online quilting group at Yahoo! and has made me Co-Owner!
We have several swaps already started... the first, I'm calling the "Launch Swap"... It's 12.5" blocks.. you choose the pattern and you choose the colors! The blocks are due in July!
The other swap is a Beach Tote Swap... similar to a Christmas stocking swap... details of this swap will be posted soon!
We are doing lots of swapping, why don't you come join us... even if you don't have time for swaps right now! You know... everybody needs opinions and questions answered! :o)

More later....


Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sam Takes A Wife

Sam Takes a Wife is my latest finished project! I started on it in the early part of March and just finished it! It was a fun project. It is going to Sam and Katie. I've known Sam for the better part of his life and I work with his Mom. I decided that I'd make them something for their wedding and after finding out that Katie likes Oriental style, I decided that I had the perfect fabric for the Wall hanging. It came out really nice and it is now in the hands of it's new owners! They seemed pleased with it, so I feel like my accomplishment was a success!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

2 Tops Finished!

This afternoon, I finished my Strip Twist (pattern from Bonnie Hunter's Quiltville) that I've named 'Misbehavin' Blocks' ... the name fits it well! I had a time with my strips but here they are... they aren't nearly perfect, but I had fun doing it and am planning on another one soon... it will be more 'scrappy' style than this one. I bought this jelly roll and just had to use it. I thought it would be interesting to use it in this pattern! Take a look:

It still needs a few more things, but I will get to that one day! Right now... this is the way that it is!

A few days ago, I finished my Three Rail Fence (a pattern from my 'Learn_Quilting' Yahoo! Group) top that I have named 'It Makes Me Smile' because that's what it does everytime I look at it.. then again all quilts do, so go figure! :o) Anyway, I'm trying to decide if I want to add another border to it to make it just a little bigger or if I'm going to leave it as it is. I also need to figure out how I'm going to quilt it. I think that the backing will be a solid black. I love the material... I found it on clearance and it's my colors... any shade of purple is the best!

Anyway... I just thought that I'd post these before I leave for my camping trip in the morning... with any luck, I will come home with some new fabric and an idea for my next project! Happy Sewing!! ~~Jenny

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mardi Gras Purse

Today, I finished a purse that I have been paid to make! It will go out in the mail tomorrow! When I made mine (the only other one like it), I never knew that people everywhere would be asking where I got it!

I'm very proud of the way that this one came out and it didnt take me 6 hours this time! Well, it did, but that's because I kept running into walls with the sewing machine!

I think I'm going to work on something else now! Maybe Sleep! ~~Jenny

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I haven't blogged before, but it seems that it's the new thing these days, so why not! I finally took a little time to take a few pics of the quilts that I've made this far.. or at least the ones that are completely finished. There are two that I don't have pics of... one has already been given away and the other is still being quilted!
My Nine Patch
This was the second thing that I made after I got my machine. It's alot-a bit- off, but that's okay, because I have got better since then! I am proud of this 9 patch and it is on a table in my living room!

Grandma Frankie's Braids

"Grandma Frankie's Braids" was made from scraps that I received after my Cousin's Gandma passed away. She was a lifetime quilter and always made a quilt for each new child that was born (plus countless others). I figured that since this baby wouldn't get a "Grandma Frankie Blanket" so what better way to use the scraps... I made her a quilt with her Great Grandmother's scraps?? It is made so that it will grow with her and is big enough so that she can use it for a llong time to come! It was machine pieced and then hand quilted by my Mom!

"Let's Go Shopping"

This quilt is for my shopping buddy! She's also my best girl-friend! The title fits it well as the fabric has images of ladies shopping, purses, shoes and even flip flops... it has one quote in the middle of it... "Gone Shopping" ... enough said! I think that this quilt will fit the recipient perfectly. It's machine pieced and quilted. It's perfect for the couch and when taking a nap! I even have enough of this fabric left over to make one for myself!

.... off to sew or go to sleep... dont know which yet!!! ~~Jenny